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X-Fe Forte Bore Stain Remover (porous surfaces)

X-Fe Forte Bore Stain Remover (porous surfaces)

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Key Features

  • The time spent on trying to remove iron and rust stains is excessive – so much so that only half a job is done or no attempt is made at all!
  • With the advent of X-Fe the removal of the stains need not be a special job. It can be incorporated into a regular cleaning programme.
  • It is not necessary to use X-Fe every day, after the initial removal of the stain X-Fe needs only to be applied if the stain reappears.
  • The benefits of using X-Fe are many – it is a user-friendly product with a pleasant aroma, no astringent fumes, completely biodegradable and very cost effective.
  • X-Fe is well accepted by people who use it. They are amazed that X-Fe is so easy to use, no hard scrubbing is needed and it can be used on any surface.
  • X-Fe and X-Fe Forte are manufactured in Australia by an Australian Company.


  • Apply using a low pressure sprayer. When the stain disappears, wash the area down. Stubbor stains may need repeat applications do not spray in windy conditions.


X-Fe Forte iron stain remover is for use on porous surfaces like concrete, timber, bricks and paving. It’s ideal for use on driveways, retaining walls, paved areas, brick walls, windows, stonework and other outdoor surfaces. X-Fe Forte is a similar product to X-Fe, available in the same sizes at the same price, but is a thinner liquid that seeps into porous surfaces and “chases” the stain better than X-Fe. The coverage area is difficult to estimate because the porosity of the surface being treated will affect coverage due to varying absorption rates. Best of all, X-Fe Forte is easy to use and is completely biodegradable.

Bore water and rusty metal leave unsightly stains that build up over time and become impossible to remove with normal cleansers or those other products that call themselves iron stain removers!

Our X-Fe products will remove iron and rust stains quickly and easily without the hard scrubbing necessary with the others!

X-Fe products work by dissolving the iron precipitate that causes the stain, whether it’s from bore water, old metal, or a stain on the driveway from a leaking radiator.

X-Fe products are simple to apply. Paint or spray onto the surface, leave for a while and the stain will disappear. No need to scrub at all!

Clean up ceramic tiles and porcelain, outdoor furniture, boats and other non-porous surfaces with X-Fe.

For concrete, driveways, sandstone and other porous surfaces use X-Fe Forte.

Wherever iron or rust stains occur X-Fe products will remove them.

Best of all, our X-Fe products have a pleasant aroma and are completely biodegradable.

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