Lawn Coring/Aeration???

What is Lawn Aeration/Coring
Over time the soil becomes compact which restricts the amount of water and air that can get down to the roots.
This results in a shallow root system which is prone to heat stress as soon as the temperatures increase.
Aeration/Coring is the process of manually removing cores out of the existing profile to reduce soil compaction.
Why is Lawn Aeration/Coring Important?
For your lawn to thrive, soil needs to be porous enough to allow oxygen, water, and nutrients to penetrate down to the root system.
Lawns that are too compacted or which have too dense a thatch layer do not allow for this.
Coring/aeration allows better flow of air, water and nutrients down to the roots where it is needed by reducing soil compaction.
Benefits for your Lawn

1. Improved air flow to grass roots

2. Enhanced soil water uptake

3. Improved fertilizer uptake and use

4. Reduced water runoff and puddling

5. Stronger roots

6. Reduced soil compaction

7. Increase's heat/drought resistance

8. Enhanced thatch breakdown

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