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Lawn Juice

Lawn Juice Weed and Feed Mini-prill

Lawn Juice Weed and Feed Mini-prill

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Weed and feed like a pro, mini-prill varient!

By having a dedicated fertiliser to feed your lawn and a herbicide specifically designed to kill weeds you will get the best possible result.

Weed n Feed Steps ⬇️

1. Apply the fertiliser to the lawn, this will ensure the lawn and weeds are growing actively and the herbicide is absorbed rapidly

2. Wait 7 - 10 days

3. Apply herbicide at a rate of 50ml per 100sqm using a pressure sprayer

4. Wait 7 days before you mow

Lawn Juice RoyalGreen mini-prill

Offers a premium balanced feed for the lawn to promote growth, colour and root development.

Application Rate

  • 2.5kg to 3.0kg per 100 square metre


20%N, 6%K, 12%S, 1.5%Ca, 1.5%Fe, 1%Mg, 1%Mn


Lawn Juice RoyalGreen Mini Prill offers the ultimate blend of growth and colour + trace elements in a mini prill form for fine cut turf.

Contains 50% slow release nitrogen + wetting agent. High potassium content to assist with plant health and development.

Bow and Arrow herbicide

Bow & Arrow Herbicide provides excellent broadleaf weed control in turf with a formulation containing the active ingredients, MCPA as potassium salt, clopyralid as potassium salt and diflufenican.

Application Rate

  • 50 ml of Bow & Arrow in 5L of water per 100 square metres (with pressure sprayer)


Bow & Arrow Herbicide is the standard for broadleaf weed control in the Australian turf industry.

Apply to actively growing weeds

Avoid exceeding application rates through overlapping sprayed areas



Does Weed and Feed work?

A premixed weed and feed product sprayed out of a hose on pack will typically do an ok job at weeding and an ok job at feeding as it is trying to perform two contrasting tasks with one product. A specific herbicide to treat the weeds and a specific fertiliser to feed the lawn is the preferred method and is the standard practice amongst lawn care specialists looking after golf courses, sporting fields and ovals. Lawn Juice Weed and Feed bundle makes this accessible in a smaller pack size suitable for residential applications.

When should I weed and feed my lawn in Australia?

Weed and feed can be used all year round as required, the Lawn Juice Weed and Feed bundle utilises Bow and Arrow which is a post emergent herbicide that will treat weeds that have germinated. The sooner you treat the weeds the less opportunity they have to spread. When it comes to fertilising the Royal Green fertiliser is most effective in Spring, Summer and Autumn. Liquid fertiliser is recommended for winter applications.

Will weed and feed kill bindi?

Yes, Lawn Juice Weed and Feed pack will kill Bindi as well as a large range of other broadleaf weeds including clover, creeping oxalis, cud weed etc.

Should you apply weed killer before or after mowing?

Weed killer is ideally applied between mows, don't mow for at least 4 days prior to and after application.

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