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Lawn Juice

Lawn Juice Vigorous Growth+

Lawn Juice Vigorous Growth+

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Key Features

  • 100% soluble for rapid mixing and even coverage
  • Essential to the plant for chlorophyll production and photosynthesis
  • Contains organic acids and complex carbohydrates 
  • Safe for use with all turf types
  • Improved plant health fungal and disease resistance

Application Rate

  • Foliar 200ml in 5.0L water per 100 square metres


15%N, 0%P, 0%K, 3%Mn, 6%Fe


THE ROLE OF IRON AND MANGANESE - Iron is of key importance in the formation of chlorophyll essential for photosynthesis. It also plays a major role in the various enzyme activity and energy transfer functions involved in respiration and nitrogen fixation. Manganese too affects the structure of the chloroplasts important in photosynthesis thus affecting the efficiency of this important process. These two elements work hand-in-hand to ensure the optimal production of chlorophyll essential to this process.

TYPICAL IRON AND MANGANESE DEFICIENCIES - Deficiency of both Iron and Manganese are very common on high pH soils or soils having an excess of heavy metals and may also be prevalent on highly weathered sandy soils, due to leaching. Main symptoms of deficiency include:

  • Interveinal chlorosis and general yellowing of the leaves.
  • Loss of chlorophyll in young leaves.
  • Uneven distribution of chlorophyll in older leaves.
  • Severe deficiency may exhibit brown spotting and die back.


What can I put on my lawn in winter to make it green?

An iron based product such as Vigorous Growth+, GT Green, Rapid Green, Plant Doctor Liquid Iron or PGF Green Machine will all help to promote colour. These products can be applied all year round including winter.

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