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Baileys Sure Green Spring 'N' Autumn

Baileys Sure Green Spring 'N' Autumn

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Key Features

  • Well balanced analysis with good levels of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium plus calcium and magnesium
  • Perfect renovation fertiliser
  • Contans higher levels of trace elements than Sure Green All Seasons to produce exceptional colour

Application Rate

  • 2.5kg to 3.0kg per 100 square metre


15.7% N, 2.9%P, 9.7%K, 15%S, 1.5%Fe, 0.95%Mn, 0.97% Mg 


Sure Green Spring 'N' Autumn is part of the Baileys Sure Green Range. 

Contains 100% readily available macro and trace elements, ideal for a quick release through the growing season.

Suitable for sports grounds, golf and open spaces.


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