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Summer Essentials Mini-Prill | 800sqm

Summer Essentials Mini-Prill | 800sqm

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Summer Essentials Mini-Prill

The easy way to ensure your lawn has the essentials it needs over the warmer months! Mini-prill is ideal for low fine cut turf varieties such as couch and tiftuf as the fertiliser will make it's way into the soil profile more effectively.

Pack Includes:

➡️ 20kg Baileys SureGreen Profile - 800sqm

➡️ 2L Lawn Juice Hydrate Concentrated Wetting Agent - 800sqm


✅️ Both products designed to treat 800sqm of lawn

✅️ SureGreen Profile has all the essential nutrients required for your lawn to thrive with a 50/50 blend of fast and slow release nutrients + 1.5% iron for a deep green colour

✅️ Hydrate concentrated wetting agent + retainer will ensure water can effectively penetrate into the soil profile and down to the root system.

4 Step Process

1️⃣ Spread fertiliser evenly across your lawn

2️⃣ Spray Hydrate wetting agent over the top

3️⃣ Water the whole lot in with 10-12mm of water

4️⃣ Mow weekly and make sure the lawn gets 10-12mm of water every time it gets watered

That's it, just keep mowing weekly and re-apply the fertiliser + wetting agent every 6-8 weeks to establish a nice green lawn.

Product Details - SureGreen Profile

Key Features

  • Micro prill 1.5mm
  • High in trace elements for deep greening
  • Contains Grosorb Wetting Agent

Application Rate

  • 2.5kg to 3.0kg per 100 square metres


20%N, 6%K, 12%S, 1.5%Ca, 1.5%Fe, 1%Mg, 1%Mn

Product Details - Lawn Juice Hydrate

Key Features

  • High quality surfactant and humectant formulation
  • Protects against dry spot
  • Increase moisture retention in the soil
  • Can be used prior to periods of extreme heat to minimize plant heat stress
  • Exceptional turf safety characteristics
  • Can safely mix & spray with other soil based products
  • Safe & easy to apply without the need for high water volumes

Application Rate

  • 250 - 500ml in 4L water per 100 square metres
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