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Seaweed Secrets Liquid Kelp

Seaweed Secrets Liquid Kelp

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Key Features

  • Premium root and foliar conditioner
  • Stronger healthier plants
  • Super-boosted with fulvic
  • Reduces plan stress

Application Rate

  • 100 ml per 100 square metres


0.05%N, 0.09%P, 3000ppm K, 500ppm S, 0.01%Ca, 0.4%Mg, 0.1%Fe


Seaweed Secrets will improve root, flower and fruit growth & longevity & increase plants’ stress resistance. Unlocks nutrient “Tie-Up” (natural Chelator) and ideal in the establishment of new plants. Protects against frost (wilting).

Seaweed’s (Kelp) attributes include: 77 minerals, 17 amino acids, 4 natural growth stimulants, chelating agents and complex sugars with the added benefit of Fulvic Acid (high quality) as a natural growth promoter.  Kelp is without doubt an indispensable bio-stimulant in plant and animal health.

Kelp is a core component in biological agriculture. It is an indispensable bio-stimulant which can provide the following benefits:

  • Frost protection - kelp is a recognised anti-freeze
  • Bio-protection – via root-zone stimulation
  • Root stimulation – the larger the roots the better the yield
  • To help increase brix levels
  • A “rescue remedy” – kelp can support and rejuvenate during stress periods
  • Increases gardens’ general health
  • Stimulates desirable soil microbes
  • Aids in the establishment of new/transplanted plants or trees
  • Absorbed through both roots & foliage
  • Ultra-soluble formulation for increased activity
  • Stockfeed supplementation – favoured by leading animal nutritionists
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