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Reactor Wetter 600 Surfactant

Reactor Wetter 600 Surfactant

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KEY Features:

  • Reactor Wetter 600 Surfactant is a spray additive designed for use with fungicides, insecticides and herbicides
  • Reactor Wetter 600 is used to increase the activity of pesticides and to increase the spray droplet coverage for waxy leafed plants which are normally hard to wet
  • ReactorWetter 600 increases the activity and efficiency of herbicides. It increases wetting and improves spray coverage. 
  • Reactor Wetter 600 can be used with alkaline sprays and mixes easily with all types of water
  • Reactor Wetter 600 is registered for use as a spreader spray (refer to directions) & wetting agent (use as directed)

Application Rate

  • 2mL per 15L knapsack



Surfactants lower the surface tension of water, causing it to spread more uniformly across the leaf surfaces of weeds. Surfactants also aid in breaking down the waxy cuticle on the weed's leaves, facilitating herbicide absorption.

By improving the contact between the herbicide and the weed, surfactants enhance the overall effectiveness of the spray application, leading to more efficient weed control.



Detailed Application Instructions

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