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Surefire Propyzamide 500 SC Herbicide (winter grass killer)

Surefire Propyzamide 500 SC Herbicide (winter grass killer)

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Key Features

  • Post-emergence control of wintergrass
  • Unique application timing flexibility – can’t miss the application window
  • Different mode of action group – post- emergent perspective
  • Safe to use on; Common Couch (Green Couch / Bermuda Grass), Qld Blue Couch, Buffalo Grass 
  • Significant damage may occur to some varieties such as Kikuyu.  It is recommended that small areas be tested

For selective contol of certain grasses and broad leaf weeds in sports turf & home lawns

Application Rate

  • 6 - 12ml per 100m2


For optimum results in turf, it is best to apply Surefire Propyzamide 500 SC Herbicide prior to germination or to young, actively growing winter grass plants in Autumn / early Winter.  Propyzamide is a systemic herbicide that is absorbed by the roots and translocated throughout the plant.  Therefore, immediate irrigation with 12 – 25 mm of water is required to move the chemical into the root zone. Follow-up irrigation with 12 – 25 mm is required 24 hours later. This amount of water is not solely used to incorporate the propyzamide into the root zone, this amount of water also facilitates the essential need to solubilize the propyzamide, without total solubilization of the active means the plant can only absorb less than a lethal dose of propyzamide – resulting in poor efficacy.  Best results are obtained by applying the product to cool, moist soil

When used in Turf, Surefire Propyzamide 500 SC Herbicide works by stunting the growth of Winter Grass, particularly the germinating seed which will start coming up in Autumn (generally speaking). Having stunted/stopped the plant´s growth, it can not spread/reproduce. Sustained treatment is required to control winter grass, and ok for Buffalo and Couch lawns.


Detailed Application Instructions



What is the best winter grass killer?

Propyzamide is a popular option for both pre and post emergent control of winter grass, particularly post emergent. The best way to treat winter grass is to apply a dedicated pre-emergent product prior to germination, Spartan is a good option for this and provides up to 6 months protection. Once the winter grass has appeared Spartan is not effective and Propyzamide would be recommended.

When should I spray for winter grass?

A pre-emergent such as Spartan should be applied prior to the winter grass germinating, this will vary depending on your location. As an example it is ideally applied in April for lawns in and around Perth Western Australia. Once the winter grass has appeared it is best to treat it with Propyzamide as soon as possible before it seeds and spreads.

What is propyzamide used for?

Propyzamide is used to treat a wide range of grassy and broadleaf weeds in various applications. It is most commonly used in lawns for the pre and post emergent treatment of winter grass (Poa Annua)

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