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ProForce Onset 10GR

ProForce Onset 10GR

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Key Features

  • Granular formulation – convenient, easy to apply and spread, reduced drift and concerns around off target movement. 
  • Broad spectrum pre-emergent grass weed control.
  • One of the few pre-emergent herbicides registered for the control of Parramatta Grass, Rats Tail Fescue, African Love Grass.
  • Strong activity on Crowsfoot, Crabgrass and Summergrass.
  • Non–scheduled chemistry: safer to handle and use in public spaces.
  • Excellent residual performance – up to 6 months.
  • Delivers available silicon to the soil. Improves stress management, nutrient uptake, cell wall strength and turfgrass wear.
  • The granule also contains trace elements in Iron, Copper, Zinc and Molybdenum as well as beneficial nutrients in 1.4% Calcium and 1.1% Magnesium.

It is registered for the pre-emergent herbicidal control of a broad range of grass weeds including Barnyard Grass, Crabgrass & Summer Grass, Parramatta Grass, Rats Tail Fescue, Crowsfoot, African Love Grass, Bahiagrass, Kentucky Bluegrass, Paspalum and Wintergrass.

Application Rate

  • 0.5kg to 2.0kg per 100m2 and irrigate with 6mm of water



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