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PGF Green Machine

PGF Green Machine

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Key Features

  • Nitrogen, iron and magnesium
  • Assist chlorophyll production
  • Deep green look

Application Rate

  • Foliar; 50ml-200ml in 1.25 - 5.0L water per 100 square metres


14%N, 0%P, 0%K, 1%Mg, 6%Fe


A premium blend of stabilised nitrogen, iron and magnesium to assist chlorophyll production and promote a longer lasting deep green look. Added organic acids assist in nutrient uptake and nutrient mobilisation within the plant cells.



What can I put on my lawn in winter to make it green?

An iron based product such as GT Green, Rapid Green, Plant Doctor Liquid Iron or PGF Green Machine will all help to promote colour. These products can be applied all year round including winter.

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