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Nature's Soil Wetter - Super Concentrated Wetting Agent

Nature's Soil Wetter - Super Concentrated Wetting Agent

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Key Features

  • Substantially reduces the surface tension of water, improving infiltration into a hydrophobic soil surface. Improving hard to wet soils improved dramatically
  • Increases plant-available water retention in hydrophobic sandy soils
  • Excellent for Moisture stress and Dry Patch
  • Regular use improves soil, allowing it to hold fertiliser and water more efficiently
  • Helps remove toxic residues, heavy metals & binds salts
  • Magnifies root growth, contains natural root stimulants

Application Rate

  • 100 ml per 100 square metres


Premium complex organic compounds with cutting edge colloidal technology to produce an environmentally friendly, concentrated, predominantly plant derived soil wetting agent and soil conditioner.

It helps break the surface tension of soils to ensure the soil doesn't repel liquids, improves water penetration and holding capacity. Regular applications of Nature's Soil Wetter will help improve the soil structure of sandy soils and help break down clay soils.

Nature's Soil Wetter is Non-Toxic and has no Petro-Chemicals, Phosphates, harsh chemicals or solvents.

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