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Plant Doctor

Plant Doctor Liquid Iron Fertiliser

Plant Doctor Liquid Iron Fertiliser

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Plant Doctor Liquid Iron Fertiliser

Key Features

The added Fulvic Acid will ensure quick uptake of the nutrients to provide fast results.

  • Can be applied to the leaves (Foliar) or directly to the soil
  • Will help correct iron deficiancies (chlorosis)
  • Can help provide deep green colour in leaf of turf & plants
  • Can help correct yellowing in new leaf growth

Application Rate

  • 150 ml to 400 ml per 100 square meters


7.0%Fe, 3.0%S


Provides a highly available form of liquid Iron (Fe) with Sulphur to produce rich green colour in leaves & help correct to iron deficiencies in your lawn.

Iron (Fe) is a vital micro-nutrient required by plants in order to form chlorophyll. And chlorophyll is what gives plants/lawn their green colour. Iron deficiency (chlorosis) occurs when there is either not enough iron in the soil, or the iron is tied up and unavailable due to high pH (alkaline soil), or poor aeration. It can also be induced by an over-abundance of calcium in the soil or an over-application of lime.

Iron chlorosis is the name of the condition found in plants that are iron deficient. It is one of the most common micro-nutrient problems of ornamentals, shrubs, vines, small fruits, and trees. Appearing first on the young/new leaves, Leaves of affected plants are yellow, light green, or white with distinct green veins.


How long does it take for liquid iron to work on lawn?

You will typically see results within 1 - 3 days, most effective when applied as a foliar spray using a pressure sprayer.

Should you water in liquid iron on lawn?

Although you can water liquid iron into the soil it works best when it is allowed to dry on the lawn.

How much liquid iron should I put on my lawn?

Plant Doctor liquid iron is applied at a rate of 150 - 400ml per 100sqm.

Can I mow after applying liquid iron?

After application it is best to wait 2-3 days before mowing.

Is too much iron bad for plants?

Yes, applying excessive iron can cause leaf discolouration, it is always best to follow the product recommendations in order to apply the correct amount.

What can I put on my lawn in winter to make it green?

An iron based product such as GT Green, Rapid Green, Plant Doctor Liquid Iron or PGF Green Machine will all help to promote colour. These products can be applied all year round including winter.

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