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Lawn Juice

Lawn Rejuvenation Bundle

Lawn Rejuvenation Bundle

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Ideal blend of products designed to resurrect your lawn from almost nothing 🌱🌱

Products in this pack:

RoyalGreen Mini Prill Fertiliser 5kg

Lawn Juice Hydrate Wetting Agent 2L

Lawn Juice Thrive 2L

Lawn Juice KelpGuard+

6 week lawn resurrection below.

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Starting point, day 1.

Day 17 lawn progress

Day 42 lawn progress


Day 1 - Pull out weeds and apply Hydrate wetting agent + Thrive. Water both in thoroughly.

Day 7 - Apply RoyalGreen Mini-prill fertiliser + Hydrate wetting agent. Water both in thoroughly.

Day 28 - Apply Kelp Guard+ and Hydrate wetting agent. Water both in thoroughly.

Day 33 - Apply RoyalGreen Mini-prill fertiliser. Water in thoroughly.


Mow regularly, this will encourage the lawn to spread rather than just growing vertically. Mow at least once a week once there is a reasonable level of coverage.

Water frequently, it needs to be treated almost like a new lawn initially to help it re-establish. Depending on the time of year and your location daily watering may be necessary for the first couple of weeks. This is definitely the case for Perth summers where 40+ degrees is common. Once established watering can be reduced as the coverage will act as insulation for the soil underneath and help it retain moisture.

Products used to resurrect the above lawn.

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