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Lawn Juice

Lawn Juice Liquids Bundle 💧💧

Lawn Juice Liquids Bundle 💧💧

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Lawn Juice Liquids Bundle 🌧

A concentrated blend of products to help your lawn thrive during the cooler months.

Triple Action

1. Kelp Guard+ -- Promotes root development and plant health ✅

100ml per 100sqm

2. Thrive -- Unlocks tied up nutrients in the soil ✅

200ml per 100sqm

3. Vigorous Growth+ -- Encourages growth + deep green colour with 6% iron ✅

200ml per 100sqm


What is the best fertiliser for winter?

Liquid fertilisers are most effective in winter, Vigorous Growth+ has a concentrated blend of Nitrogen, Manganese and Iron to promote growth and colour. Additional stimulants to promote root development and plant health is very beneficial particularly when combined with a humic and fulvic acid blend which helps to unlock nutrients within the soil and make it accessible to the plant.

How do I apply these products?

They are ideally applied with a pressure sprayer but Kelp Guard+ and Thirve can be applied with a hose on applicator. Vigorous Growth+ needs to be applied with a pressure sprayer for best results.

Can I mix them together?

Kelp Guard+ and Thrive can be mixed and applied together. Vigorous Growth+ is best applied separately.

Do I need to water these products in?

Kelp Guard+ and Thrive need to be watered in. Vigorous Growth+ is best applied to a dry lawn and left to dry.

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