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Lawn Juice

Lawn Juice RenoExpress

Lawn Juice RenoExpress

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Lawn Juice RenoExpress fertiliser is specially formulated for spring application and lawn renovation, it is a lawn enthusiasts best ally in achieving a lush, vibrant green lawn. This unique blend of nutrients is crafted to address the specific needs of lawn during the spring season, when it undergoes a period of growth and recovery. Ideal for use on a renovated lawn or to assit with plant recovery after a period of stress.

Packed with a balanced ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, this fertiliser promotes healthy root development, vigorous blade growth, and improved overall resilience. Additionally, it includes essential micronutrients like iron, calcium and magnesium, ensuring that your lawn not only thrives but also maintains its vibrant color.

Application Rate

  • 3.0kg to 5.0kg¬†per 100 square metre


14% N, 2.5%P, 11%K, 12%S, 1.3%Ca, 2.4%Mg, 0.6%Si, 0.3%Fe, 0.4%Mn

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