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Lawn Juice

Lawn Juice Nourish and Flourish - Hose on Fertiliser

Lawn Juice Nourish and Flourish - Hose on Fertiliser

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Give your lawn a boost with our convenient hose on fertiliser, simply swap over the transport lid for the spray top, plug in your hose and away you go 💦💦


Key Features

  • Easy to apply, just give the bottle a good shake before you start.
  • 2L bottle treats 150sqm of lawn
  • Contains a range of organic acids and complex carbohydrates 
  • Safe for use with all turf types
  • Improved plant health and disease resistance
  • Re-apply every 4-8 weeks or as required.

Application Rate

  • 2L per 150 sqm using the included spray top.

Key Nutrients

  • Nitrogen for colour, growth and leaf development
  • Iron for a deep green colour
  • Manganese promotes chlorophyll production
  • Kelp promotes a more developed root system and plant health

Iron is great for the lawn but not so great for hard surfaces as it can leave stains. Make sure to avoid spraying onto hard surfaces such as paths, driveways, edging etc

🚩Don't throw away the bottle, you can use it to apply a variety of products for your lawn including liquid fertiliser, kelp, humic acid, wetting agent and more!


Should I water it in after application?

There is no requirement to water this product in after applying, once applied just let it dry on the lawn.

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