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Lawn Juice

Lawn Juice - Enhance and Protect Liquids Bundle

Lawn Juice - Enhance and Protect Liquids Bundle

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Lawn Juice Enhance and Protect Liquids Bundle 🌧

A concentrated blend of products to help your lawn thrive during the cooler months + take care of those pesky broadleaf weeds!

The bundle treats 1000sqm+ of lawn!

Triple Action

1. Kelp Guard+ -- Promotes root development and plant health ✅

100ml per 100sqm

2. Thrive -- Unlocks tied up nutrients in the soil ✅

200ml per 100sqm

3. Vigorous Growth+ -- Encourages growth + deep green colour with 6% iron ✅

200ml per 100sqm

4. Bow and Arrow Herbicide - Controls a wide variety of broadleaf weeds in turf. Safe on couch, kikuyu, buffalo, zoysia, tiftuf and more.


What is the best fertiliser for winter?

Liquid fertilisers are most effective in winter, Vigorous Growth+ has a concentrated blend of Nitrogen, Manganese and Iron to promote growth and colour. Additional stimulants to promote root development and plant health is very beneficial particularly when combined with a humic and fulvic acid blend which helps to unlock nutrients within the soil and make it accessible to the plant.

How do I apply these products?

They are ideally applied with a pressure sprayer but Kelp Guard+ and Thirve can be applied with a hose on applicator. Vigorous Growth+ and Bow and Arrow needs to be applied with a pressure sprayer for best results.

Can I mix them together?

Kelp Guard+ and Thrive can be mixed and applied together. Vigorous Growth+ is best applied separately. Bow and Arrow herbicide ideally applied 7 days after Vigorous Growth +.

Do I need to water these products in?

Kelp Guard+ and Thrive need to be watered in. Vigorous Growth+ and Bow and Arrow herbicide is best applied to a dry lawn and left to dry.

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