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Baileys Rapid Green - Iron & Manganese

Baileys Rapid Green - Iron & Manganese

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Key Features

  • Iron & Manganese provides extended deep green colour
  • No Nitrogen means no excessive leaf growth
  • Humic Acid improves nutrient efficiency
  • Foliar Fertiliser provides a rapid uptake & action in all seasons

Application Rate

  • 3-5 ml per square metre in 1:10 water ratio
  • Always agitate well before use
  • Foliar apply to turf leaf, using quality boom or handheld spraying equipment
  • Do not water in, wait at least 3 hours to irrigate. Avoid application in extreme temperatures.
  • Iron and other plant nutrients can stain walkways and will need to be washed off prior to irrigation. Keep away from water sources such as ponds, pools etc.


6.4%Fe, 2.8%Mn, 5.3%S


A readily available source of iron and manganese to address deficiency, this liquid fertiliser is formulated to produce rich green turf colour through excess chlorophyll production. The iron and manganese are in sulphate form, assisting sulphur deficient soils and the production of proteins within the plant. Ideal in high pH soils where the relating nutrients are unusable. It also maintains soil pH extremes by lowering pH levels.

Iron is needed for chlorophyll formation, good colour and for resistance to disease. It is a catalyst in the chlorophyll synthesis process, therefore turf grass colour is influenced by the level of iron available to the plant. Iron applications provide a greening response to turf grass, causing the leaf blades to darken and consequently attract and hold in heat. This encourages the turf to actively grow longer into winter periods.
Iron also plays an important role in the oxidation process. These reactions in the plant result in the release of energy from sugars and starches and the conversion of nitrate to ammonia. Application of high iron fertilisers into spring encourage the plant to function quicker, bringing it out of dormancy earlier.

Manganese is important for nitrogen uptake, activation of enzymes, and photosynthesis. It also plays a part in protecting the plant from disease and adds vigour.


Detailed Application Instructions



What is the application rate for Baileys Rapid Green fertiliser?

Apply at a rate of 300-500ml of product per 100sqm, minimum dilution of 1:10 with water. E.g. you can apply 400ml of product in 4L of water over 100sqm. It is important to calibrate your sprayer to ensure that you can cover your lawn evenly with this volume of liquid.

What fertiliser should I use on my lawn in winter?

Liquid fertilisers with iron are a great option to promote colour. Apply foliar and don't water it in. Baileys Rapid Green is a great option if you want colour without growth. If you prefer a granular option, Baileys 4.1.1 works well in cooler conditions.

Should you fertilise before or after mowing?

Liquid foliar fertilisers are ideally applied after mowing. If you apply them shortly before mowing you will be cutting off some of the nutrients in the leaf that may not have travelled through the plant yet. Granular fertiliser can be applied before or after but make sure they are thoroughly watered in before mowing to ensure the mower does not pick up any of the granules.

What can I put on my lawn in winter to make it green?

An iron based product such as GT Green, Rapid Green, Plant Doctor Liquid Iron or PGF Green Machine will all help to promote colour. These products can be applied all year round including winter.

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