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PGF GENER8 Liquid Fertiliser

PGF GENER8 Liquid Fertiliser

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A blend of premium nutrients coupled with a bio stimulant package designed to generate recovery and density in turf.

Key Features

  • Nitrogen, iron and magnesium
  • Bio stimulant package designed
  • Deep green look

Application Rate

  • Foliar; 100ml-200ml in 2.0 - 4.0L water per 100 square metre (do not irrigate)


14%N, 0%P, 8%K, 2%Mg, 3%Fe


How do I apply PGF GENER8?

PGF GENER8 is best applied as a foliar spray using a pressure sprayer, allow the product to dry on the lawn, do not water it in after application.

How much PGF GENER8 do I need to use?

Apply 100-200ml of product mixed in 2-4L of water per 100sqm. E.g. if you have 150sqm of lawn you would apply 150-300ml of PGF GENER8 in 3-6L of water depending on your sprayer calibration.

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