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Eco Growth

ECO-WET Wetting Agent

ECO-WET Wetting Agent

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KEY Features:

  • Suitable for a range of soil types
  • Spreads and retains moisture in the topsoil
  • Contains proprietary non-ionic surfactants and natural water-holding polymers

Eco-Wet® is unique soil wetter designed for fast water penetration with longevity; that holds water in even the sandiest soil. Most soil wetters have one or two of these properties, rarely all three. Eco-Wet® demonstrates its ability to hold moisture by spreading water through the soil profile like ink on blotting paper. These characteristics make Eco-Wet® ideal for irrigation, boom, in furrow and tanker application.

Application Rate

  • 300ml per 100 square metres


Eco-Wet® has a fast-acting wetting agent formulation that enhances soil structure and encourages beneficial microbial activity in order to maintain long lasting wet-ability in waxy sands, heavy clays and normally water repellent soils. Eco-Wet® differs from normal wetters, containing natural polymers, which physically improves the soil structure without damaging it. The added natural polymer acts like a sponge, creating a long term.


Detailed Application Instructions

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