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Eco Growth

Eco Growth Eco Prime Purple 25kg

Eco Growth Eco Prime Purple 25kg

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Eco Growth Eco Prime Purple Fertiliser

Key Features

  • Durable in Extreme Condition
  • Suitable for Light/Heavy & Saline Soils 
  • Biologically Activated

Application Rate

  • 25-50 grams per square metre


11% N, 3%P, 8%K, 11%S, 0.5%Fe, 0.2%Mn, 6.5%Ca, 4.3%Si


Eco-Prime® Purple is a versatile NPK fertiliser combined with trace elements to ensure continuous nutrition. It meets the requirements of vegetables, fruits, vines, flowers, turf and ornamentals.

Eco-Prime® Purple is a sophisticated blend of nutrients from Potassium through to a granulated silicate mineral complex, which is enhanced with our Eco Advance® Premium Biology - including Mycorrhizal fungi and Nitrogen-fixing bacteria.

Tailored to Australian conditions, Eco-Prime® Purple, is gentle yet strong, providing strong consistent nutrition to sensitive plants such as Avocados in high yield and dual fruiting / flowering situations. Eco Prime® Purple can be utilised to reduce biannual bearing by continued feeding through delicate growth stages.

For best results, use in conjunction with Eco Growth’s Eco-Wet® 


Detailed Application Instructions

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