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Eco Growth Eco Prime Emerald Mini Prill 25kg

Eco Growth Eco Prime Emerald Mini Prill 25kg

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Eco Growth Eco Prime Emerald Mini Prill 25kg 1-2mm

Key Features

  • Discrete 1-2mm Prill
  • Sustained Release
  • Low Leaching
  • Biologically Activated

Application Rate

  • 35 grams per square metre


16% N, 2.6%P, 7.4%K, 4.1%S, 1.5%Fe, 0.5%Mn, 8.2%Ca 


Eco-Prime® Emerald® Mini Prill is a complete rock-mineral NPK turf fertiliser designed to enhance the appearance, consistency and playability of premium sports turf surfaces.

Eco-Prime® Emerald® Mini Prill is designed to discretely optimise premium turf areas by selectively balancing nutrition to promote strong root growth and improved leaf strength – leading to hard wearing and tightly knitted playing surfaces.

Our unique combination of natural, mineral-based NPK and trace elements is further enhanced through the addition of beneficial microbes that encourage and stimulate soil / plant interactions.

For best results, use in conjunction with Eco Growth’s Eco-Wet® .


Detailed Application Instructions

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