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David Grays

Wintergrass Killer 125g

Wintergrass Killer 125g

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Key Features

  • For best results apply during autumn and winter

Winter grass killer does exactly as the name suggests – it kills winter grass selectively in your lawn. This means you can apply it to the whole lawn, and it will only kill the winter grass! Winter grass is a prolific annual weed that if left unchecked can take over your whole lawn. The product works by stunting the growth of the plant, particularly the germinating seed which will start coming up in Autumn (generally speaking).  Having stunted/stopped the plant´s growth, it cannot spread/reproduce. Covers approximately 200m2.

Application Rate

  • 60g in 10L water per 100 square metres


  • Do not mow turf for at least 2 days before or after application
  • Do not spray when rain seems likely to occur within 4 hours
  • Do not spray when weeds are wet with dew or rain
  • Do not spray weeds under stress (heat or waterlogging etc)
  • Keep domestic animals off the treated area until the product has dried


Detailed Application Instructions

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