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Cannonade 212 Herbicide 1L

Cannonade 212 Herbicide 1L

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Key Features

  • Contains the active ingredient Fluazifop-P
  • Selective and systemic post-emergent herbicide 
  • Fast absorption into the leaf
  • Powerful, post emergent grass weed control
  • Eradication of Couch and Kikuyu in garden beds/paving
  • Highly effective on grasses and rapidly absorbed by the plant

Cannonade 212 Herbicide is selectively designed to control both annual and perennial grasses. Take grasses out of garden beds!

Active Ingredient - Fluazifop-P (present as the Butyl Ester) @ 212g/L

Application Rate

  • 150 ml in 15L water per 150 square metres


Surefire Cannonade 212 Herbicide is rapidly absorbed by leaves and green stems (is rainfast within one hour) and translocated throughout the plant. It accumulates at growing points, both above ground and in the roots, rhizomes and stolons of grass weeds. Weed growth and hence competition with the crop stops within 48 hours. First symptoms are not evident for at least a week after application. Growing points turn brown and rot, shoot tips can be easily pulled out after 2 to 3 weeks. Young leaves turn yellow or redden soon after, but more mature leaves may remain green for extended period. Weed control is usually complete 3 to 5 weeks after spraying.



Detailed Application Instructions

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