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Bow & Arrow Herbicide

Bow & Arrow Herbicide

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Bow & Arrow Herbicide

Bonus stubby holder with every Bow & Arrow 500ml purchased

Key Features

  • Control of broadleaf weeds in turf
  • High level of efficacy
  • Superior turf safety (cool and warm season grasses)
  • A mix of active ingredients for improved resistance management
  • No odour
  • Additional surfactants not required

Target Weeds

White Clover (Trifolium repens), Plantain (Plantago lanceolata), Capeweed (Arctotheca calendula), Cat’s ear (Hypochoeris radicata), Bindii (Jo-Jo, Onehunga) (Soliva sessilis), Cudweed (Gnaphalium spp.), Creeping oxalis (Oxalis corniculata)

Safe to apply on Kikuyu, Carpet grass and Queensland Blue Couch. Varietal differences in certain Buffalo grasses (e.g. ST85) may produce more pronounced effects and it is recommended that small areas be tested for turf safety before large-scale application occurs. An high Iron product will help to restore colour (Liquid Iron Fertiliser)

Bow & Arrow Herbicide provides excellent broadleaf weed control in turf with a formulation containing the active ingredients, MCPA as potassium salt, clopyralid as potassium salt and diflufenican. It is used at an application rate of 50ml per 100m2.

Current broadleaf turf herbicides tend to cause rapid desiccation of weed leaves and shoots. Recovery may then occur from the significant root systems and/or other underground components of the weed. The effect of Bow & Arrow Herbicide is slower than other broadleaf herbicides, but the ultimate result is more effective, with no evidence of regrowth.

This unique three-way mixture provides extended weed control (season-long) in most situations.

Application Rate

  • 50 ml of Bow & Arrow in 5L of water per 100 square metres (with pressure sprayer)


Bow & Arrow Herbicide is the standard for broadleaf weed control in the Australian turf industry.

Apply to actively growing weeds

Avoid exceeding application rates through overlapping sprayed areas

Use a surfactant (Reactor Wetter 600 Surfactant) for difficult to wet weeds




How long does it take for Bow & Arrow herbicide to work?

This is largely dependent on the type of weed and rate of growth at the time of application but typically you will see signs of treatment within 2 weeks and it can take up to 6 weeks for the weed to be completely killed.

When should I use Bow & Arrow herbicide?

Bow & Arrow herbicide is ideally applied to actively growing weeds. It can be used as required to treat weeds which have appeared in the lawn. Combining it with a wetter such as Wetter 600 can enhance the effectiveness of the herbicide as it will help it to stick to the leaf of the weed. Make sure to apply it when the lawn is dry and don't water it in.

What is the mix ratio of Bow & Arrow herbicide?

Bow & Arrow should be mixed at a rate of 50ml in 5L of water per 100sqm of lawn.

Do I spray the whole lawn with Bow & Arrow?

Bow & Arrow is a selective herbicide that can be sprayed safely across the whole lawn at a rate of 50ml in 5L of water per 100sqm. Safe for use on couch, kikuyu and buffalo.

How do you apply Bow & Arrow?

Bow & Arrow needs to be applied with a pressure sprayer at a rate of 50ml in 5L of water per 100sqm. It needs to be applied to a dry lawn, do not water it in.

Can you apply Bow & Arrow after mowing?

As Bow & Arrow is absorbed through the leaf of the weed you should avoid mowing for at least 3-4 days before and after application.

Can you spray Bow & Arrow on wet grass?

Bow & Arrow is ideally sprayed on a dry lawn and allowed to dry, do not water the product in. Do not spray if there is rain forecast within 4 hours of application.

What is an alternative to Bow & Arrow herbicide?

An alternative to Bow & Arrow is Buffalo herbicide, this is also a selective broadleaf herbicide designed to treat a wide variety of broadleaf weeds.

Buffalo Herbicide – Billy Goat Lawns

What is Bow & Arrow herbicide used for?

Bow & Arrow is a post emergent herbicide used to treat broadleaf weeds in lawns. It can be used on a wide variety of lawns including buffalo, kikuyu and couch. It is ideally blanket sprayed at a rate of 50ml per 100sqm using a pressure sprayer.

 What are the ingredients in Bow & Arrow herbicide?

The active ingredients in Bow & Arrow are MCPA 300g/L as potassium salt, clopyralid 20g/L as potassium salt and diflufenican 15g/L.

How long before rain can you apply Bow & Arrow herbicide?

Apply Bow & Arrow at least 4 hours before rain, this will give the product time to absorb into the plant through the leaf before the rain washes it away.

Should you spray weeds before or after mowing?

It is best to spray weeds before mowing. As most broadleaf herbicides such as Bow & Arrow are absorbed through the leaf of the weed it is important that there is adequate surface area for the herbicide to be absorbed into the weed. It is also recommended that you do not mow for at least 3-4 days after application to allow the herbicide to translocate through the weed and kill it completely.

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