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BIOWETT™ Premium Wetting Agent

BIOWETT™ Premium Wetting Agent

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Key Features

  • Quality surfactant and humectant formulation
  • Protects against localised dry spot
  • Limits the periods of water stress
  • Can be introduced prior to periods of extreme heat to minimize plant heat stress
  • Improves root zone moisture retention over an extended period
  • Exceptional turf safety characteristics
  • Can safely mix & spray with other components
  • Safe & easy to apply without the need for high water volumes

BIOWETT™ Premium’s unique formulation of specialty surfactants and moisture retention agents has been proven over four years of WA turf trials to deliver superior greening and extended moisture retention. The WA trials also show that when applied correctly, the BIOWETT Premium  formulation presents virtually no risk of grass burn.

Application Rate

  • 250 - 500ml in 4L water per 100 square metres


SACOA’s BIOWETT™ Premium’s proprietary blend of unique surfactants and humectants maximise plant available moisture whilst optimising plant safety for use on premium fine turf. Simply put, BIOWETT™ Premium reduces the water required to maintain premium turf by increasing water capture at the soil surface to then maximise and extend soil moisture retention evenly around the root zone for longer periods.



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