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Baileys SureGreen Profile Mini Prill

Baileys SureGreen Profile Mini Prill

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A 1.5mm prill, high nitrogen blend for fine cut active turf areas and greens. The micro prill settles readily into finer turf profiles and is 70% readily soluble. Contains 50% slow release nitrogen for steady growth and an excellent trace element profile. It also has Grosorb wetting agent to aid with water absorption into the soil profile.

Key Features

  • Micro prill 1.5mm
  • High in trace elements for deep greening
  • Contains Grosorb Wetting Agent

Application Rate

  • 2.5kg to 3.0kg per 100 square metres


20%N, 6%K, 12%S, 1.5%Ca, 1.5%Fe, 1%Mg, 1%Mn

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