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Baileys Spring Compound

Baileys Spring Compound

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Key Features

  • Complete analysis promotes growth, repair and root development
  • High potassium improves plant recovery after wear and stress
  • Contains organic blood and bone
  • Humates and Zeolite improve nutrient holding and uptake on sandy
    soil profiles. Their high cation exchange capacity holds and releases
    nutrients and reduces leaching

Application Rate

  • 3.0kg to 5.0kg per 100 square metre


14% N, 2.5%P, 11%K, 12%S, 1.3%Ca, 2.4%Mg, 0.6%Si, 0.3%Fe, 0.4%Mn


A compound blend of two of Baileys top sellers, 3.1.1. Granulated and Energy Complete. Specifically formulated for spring turf application, after maintenance and renovation.


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