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Baileys GT Green Plus

Baileys GT Green Plus

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A liquid fertiliser formulated to encourage deep green colour and excess growth. GT Green is best suited to soils that are high in pH where iron and manganese is unusable for plant response but is also an excellent product for acidic soils where iron and manganese is more readily available. These elements are in sulphate form, which will aid sulphur deficient soils and assist the production of proteins within the plant. It will also help with the maintenance of soil pH
extremes as it actively reduces pH.

Application Rate - 200-500ml per 100sqm



What do you put on your lawn in winter?

Liquid fertilisers which are absorbed through the leaf are more effective during winter than most granular fertilisers. Baileys GT Green is a good option to promote growth and colour. Applying humic and fulvic acid based products along with kelp is very beneficial to lawns throughout the year including winter.

What can I put on my lawn in winter to make it green?

An iron based product such as GT Green, Rapid Green, Plant Doctor Liquid Iron or PGF Green Machine will all help to promote colour. These products can be applied all year round including winter.

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