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Baileys Brilliance With Grosorb 20kg

Baileys Brilliance With Grosorb 20kg

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Key Features

  • Brilliance is phosphate free making applications to areas close to waterways, rivers and new estates safe - where phosphorus contamination could be a concern
  • Contains high levels of essential turf nutrients for healthy growth, excellent colour and plant functioning
  • Sulphur rich, it will help in the management of high pH in coastal soils

Application Rate

  • 2.5kg per 100 square metres


15% N, 0% P, 10% K, 18.5% S, 2% Fe, 1% Mn


Brilliance Granulated is a premium grade, phosphate free fertiliser, containing high nitrogen and good potassium levels plus trace elements iron and manganese. Brilliance Blend improves leaf development, encourages vigorous growth, excellent colour and new root formation. It also improves water intake, vital in our hot summer conditions. Brilliance Blend is an ideal maintenance fertiliser on sporting grounds, ovals, passive reserves and domestic lawns.


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