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Hose on Sprayer

Hose on Sprayer

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Hose on sprayer, perfect for liquid fertiliser, wetting agent, soil amendment applications + more. Ergonomic design and very easy to operate. Simply fill your concentrate, plug in your hose and away you go 👍

Hose on sprayer key features:

✅️ Light weight with a 100ml canister for your concentrate

✅️ Adjustable intake with 3 levels from low to high

✅️ 8 different spray variations perfect for a wide variety of applications.

1. Jet

2. Full

3. Center

4. Angle

5. Mist

6. Flat

7. Shower

8. Cone

Also works great as a sprayer for watering without any concentrate.

Available in a twin pack, perfect if you have a hose in the front yard and one in the back yard.



Can I spray liquid fertiliser with a hose on sprayer?

Yes the majority of liquid fertilisers can be applied with a hose on sprayer. Where foliar application is advised a pressure sprayer would be recommended.

Can I apply herbicide with a hose on sprayer?

No, the majority of herbicides need to be applied with a pressure sprayer which will provide a more precise application rate.

What is the difference between a hose on sprayer and a pressure sprayer?

The main difference between a hose on sprayer and a pressure sprayer lies in their functionality and application. A hose on sprayer attaches directly to a garden hose and relies on water pressure to dilute and dispense the concentrate. It offers simplicity and convenience but may not provide the same precision as a pressure sprayer.

A pressure sprayer operates independently of a hose and requires pumping either manually or via a motor on battery operated models to build pressure inside the tank. This design allows for more precise control over the spraying pressure and the concentration of the spray solution, making it a more appropriate option for herbicide applications where precise application is critical to the products effectiveness.

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