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Plant Doctor

Plant Doctor Activ8mate Liquid Fertiliser

Plant Doctor Activ8mate Liquid Fertiliser

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Key Features

  • Inoculates turf/grass & soil, aids in the conversion of “fertiliser” to complex plant nutrients
  • Greens turf & lawn and slowly fertilises
  • Improves disease resistance
  • Powerful beneficial plant tonic
  • Buffers salts, increases micronutrient availability
  • Promotes soil aeration/water penetration, reduces runoff

Application Rate

  • 75 - 100 ml per 100 square metres
  • Hose-on bottle or pressure sprayer


8%N, 1%P, 4%K plus trace elements


...from mostly ORGANIC derived ingredients

Activ8mate is both a fertiliser and plant/soil inoculant that feeds the plants, trees & turf (etc) essential nutrients, giving a boost to assist with growth and help with any NPK deficiencies. With a myriad of key ingredients, it also helps to stimulate and feed the beneficial soil microbes.

Activ8mate Liquid contains: 

  1. Fish liquid concentrate
  2. Blood and Bone
  3. Worm Leachate (Extracts)
  4. Seaweed (kelp)
  5. Quality USA Humic and Fulvic acid
  6. Triacontanol (Natural-brewed) the Grand-daddy of the Root hormones
  7. PSG (Peruvian Seabird Guano)
  8. Boosted with traditional fertilisers

Activ8mate helps stabilize nutrients in the rhizosphere where they remain available over a longer period.

Safe for Environmentally Sensitive Areas …Assessed and Graded by “Sustainable Gardening Australia”.

Suitable for greening-up Fairways and Greens, and Lawns.



Do I water in Plant Doctor products?

Some Plant Doctor products require watering in while others are left to be absorbed through the leaf of the plant. The application process (pressure sprayer, hose on bottle, watering can etc) will also influence the requirement to water in or not. It is always best to read the label prior to applying to ensure it is applied correctly which in turn will produce the best result. Activ8mate when applied with a pressure sprayer needs to be watered in lightly.

Should I mow before or after liquid fertiliser?

Ideally liquid fertiliser is applied after the lawn has been mowed, do not mow the lawn shortly after applying liquid fertiliser particularly if it is applied foliar as the effectiveness will be reduced.

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