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Baileys 3.1.1. Blend + Grosorb

Baileys 3.1.1. Blend + Grosorb

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Key Features

  • Contains Grosorb (soil wetter) to improve water penetration
  • Western Australian designed and manufactured product tailored to our soil profile and conditions
  • Contains high levels of essential turf nutrients for healthy growth, excellent colour and plant functioning
  • In a sandy profile, nitrogen and potassium leach more readily due to the soil's mobile capabilities and poor holding capacity. It is essential to consistently maintain the levels of these nutrients within the soil

Application Rate

  • 3.0kg to 5.0kg per 100 square metre


12.1% N, 0.9%P, 9%K, 15.7%S, 0.7%Fe, 0.3%Mn, 2%Ca, 0.6%Mg


3.1.1. Blend is a balanced formula of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and trace elements iron and manganese. It is specifically formulated for use as a maintenance fertiliser and to establish new root development on sports ovals and complexes. It is ideal for use after dormant winter periods or directly after renovations to encourage new root growth. The addition of the soil wetter Grosorb assists water infiltration and moisture retention in hydrophobic conditions, a common factor in sandy soils. The added benefit of Grosorb enhances the efficiency of the lawn food, reduce the watering requirements and producing a healthy drought tolerant lawn.



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