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60cm 2-Nozzle Spray Boom

60cm 2-Nozzle Spray Boom

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Key Features

  • 60cm wide tough but light plastic spray boom.
  • Nozzle seats with cap nuts allows nozzles to be easily replaced or adjusted.
  • Three sets of ISO-standard flat spray nozzles with 80° spray angle, to provide the user with a selection of spray volumes and pressure intensities.
  • Two ball valve filters installed to provide excellent filtration and to prevent dripping.
  • Ready to spray, this spray boom includes a lock nut for quick and easy connection to the spray wand.

Compatible with the following sprayers:

  • Solo 424, 425, 425LC, 473, 475, Manual Sprayers
  • Solo 441Li, 417Li. 442Li Battery Sprayers


Designed to facilitate spraying medium to large areas, this 60cm 2-Nozzle Sprayer Boom is perfect for applying plant protection liquid on ground crops and double rows, while delivering efficient application of herbicides to lawns.


    Weight 0.05 kg
    Dimensions 75 × 5 × 5 cm


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