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Solo 417Li 18L Battery Operated Backpack Sprayer

Solo 417Li 18L Battery Operated Backpack Sprayer

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Work efficiency and easy operation are hallmarks of the SOLO premium 12 V battery-powered backpack sprayer. Free of omissions, whisper-quiet, and designed with your comfort in mind.

Key Features

  • Approx. 4 hrs spraying & 2 hrs recharge time
  • Blue Jet Nozzle supplied as standard
  • Unbreakable 50cm spray wand
  • Solo Patented hand-piece - repairable + pressure gauge
  • Large tank opening for easy filling
  • Solo patented tank - High quality, UV resistant, with visible fill level markings.
  • Comfortable padded backpack frame, Wide, padded and adjustable straps
  • Chemical resistant hose
  • Two speed powerful 12V pump

Sample Applications:
• Plant nurseries
• Contract gardens & City Council
• Large private gardens, decorative plants, shrubs and plantations
• Public gardens and landscaping, greenhouses
• Weed control
• Horticultural plantations

9.4 kg
Dimensions 63 Ă— 44 Ă— 30 cm

12V / 7Ah

Tank Capacity


Flat Jet Nozzle


Spray Pressure

1) 2.5bar 2) 4.3bar

Spray Volume

1) 1.07 L/min 2) 1.42 L/min



Standard Supply

Pressure guage

Battery Operating Time

3.5 Hours

Recharge Time







Where are Solo sprayers made?

Solo sprayers are made in a variety of locations depending on the model, this includes Germany and China.

Can I attach a boom to my Solo sprayer?

Most Solo sprayers have the option of a boom, some will run a 2 nozzle boom while others can be fitted with a 4 nozzle boom depending on the model.

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