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16 Litre Battery Operated Sprayer – 442Li

16 Litre Battery Operated Sprayer – 442Li

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We’ve taken all your favourite battery sprayer features and given them a serious POWER BOOST!

5 hours of operation at 1 bar pressure |  1 hour to charge fully.

The 442Li features a battery charge indicator so professionals can accurately monitor their battery levels on the job. Also equipped with an electronic pressure regulator for constant pressure. This battery sprayer is perfect for professional applications.

The sprayer comes complete with a Lithium Battery and Charger.

Sample Applications:

  • Plant protection for large private gardens, decorative plants, shrubs and plantations
  • Weed control & Agriculture crops
  • Public gardens, landscapes, nurseries and greenhouses
  • Pest control & Sanitation
Dimensions 25 × 40 × 60.06 cm


Spray Wand

50cm Plastic

Battery Capacity

18v / 2.5Ah battery

Working Time

5 hrs

Charging Time

1 hour


1.37 LPM at 4 bar

Spray Pressure

1 – 4 bar

Sound Pressure Level

<70 dB




Where are Solo sprayers made?

Solo sprayers are made in a variety of locations depending on the model, this includes Germany and China.

Can I attach a boom to my Solo sprayer?

Most Solo sprayers have the option of a boom, some will run a 2 nozzle boom while others can be fitted with a 4 nozzle boom depending on the model.

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