Army Worms/Sod Webworms

Army worms and sod webworms have the potential to cause significant damage in a short space of time. If left untreated they can eat their way though an entier lawn in a space of weeks.

  1. How to identify ("Soap Water Test")- Get a large bucket and suirt a generous ammount of dishwashing liquid and top of with water. Then proceed to pour it over the struggling patches. If these little critters are present they will be wriggling to the surface within seconds!!!
  2. How to treat the invaders - Apply a quality insecticide such as Zeus with a pressue sprayer across the whole lawn to make sure you get ontop of the infestation. Do a followup "soap water" test in a week to make sure the unwanted visitors are no long there. If required reapply the insecticide before they rebuid their numbers again!!!
  3. How to repair the damaged section- Apply a quality feriliser such as Suregreen Gold to provide nutrients for the plant to recover. A wetting agent such as Biowett is also reccomended to ensure water is pentrating down to the roots where it is needed.

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