How do I treat wintergrass/poa???

Wintergrass is a weed that appears predominantly in winter as the name suggests.

If you didn't get a chance to apply a pre-emergent and have wintergrass coming through it is important to treat it before it seeds.

Poachek and David Grays Wintergrass Killer are both selective herbicides which will effectively treat wintergrass ✅

Both are applied via a pressure sprayer however Poachek needs to be left on the lawn to dry while David Grays Wintergrass Killer needs to be watered into the lawn immediately with 12-25mm of irrigation 💦💦💦

Poachek is far more concentrated with a 1L bottle treating over 6500sqm of lawn while David Grays Wintergrass Killer 125g pack is designed to treat just over 200sqm.

Additionally David Grays Wintergrass Killer is a powder that needs to be mixed into water thoroughly, while Poachek is a liquid which is easier to apply and less prone to clogging 👍

Hope that helps you get on top of your wintergrass, if you have any questions don't hesitate to get in touch!

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